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My mom said I should work as hard as I can on cleaning my room in one, great day and I should do my best! But, I’m grounded until it’s done. I immediatly stormed out of the room.


Kind Of Fun…

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Today, I went with my dad to take one of my sisters to lacrosse practice. After dropping her off, we ditched and bought clothes, Starbucks and earbuds. Then, we got my sister, shopped more, went to eat. My sister wanted Panera, but I didn’t. My dad finally managed to convince me by reminding me that GameStop was next door (we didn’t even end up getting to go!). So my dad dropped us off at home after and left for a hockey game (who watches hockey?). My sister immediatly left for her friends, leaving me with a bucket load of chores and a lonely me. 😦

A Slow Day

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Just sat at home, watching tv. Yesterday was crazy, though. My sister was talking about seeing How To Train Your Dragon so I asked her if I could come and she actually said YES. So, we headed to the mall 45 minutes early and grabbed candy from the dollar store. Then, we got tickets and our 3D glasses and popped into Claire’s. After all of that, we went into the theater to wait for my sister’s friends. They came and we watched the AMAZING movie! We went to grab some grub, but the mall was closing so we left. That’s when we remembered we parked on the other side of the mall so we walked all the way there. My sister’s friends wanted to go to Subway so we drove there, her friends got food, we walked over to McDonald’s, me and my sister got food, we ate, and rounded off the night by looking enviously at a child with a How To Train Your Dragon Happy Meal toy.